honcho moves into alpha testing in advance of launch

honcho moves into alpha testing in advance of launch

Today we’ve passed a major milestone on our journey to launch honcho.

After many months of planning, fundraising, solution design, software development, working with insurance partners, technical integration and product testing (amongst others!), we have today for the first time made the honcho app available beyond our team and development partners as we enter our alpha testing phase.

Our user acceptance testing (UAT) phase is now completed, having identified and resolved a number of bugs within our apps (as is the intention of UAT). The next stage, alpha testing, sees a small group of testers outside of honcho given access to the pre-release app across iOS, Android and web.

Chief product honcho Tom Spence said:

“Building a whole new digital business to totally transform a market is a bit like building a ship. It takes years of planning, a lot of money, and a lot of dedicated and talented people in locations all over the world to build everything but then, when you unleash your service beyond your team for the very first time, metaphorically launching your ship into water, you’re still only part of the way to being fully ready to go into service.

“Today we are excited to have reached this point where selected people outside of honcho can use honcho for the first time, albeit in a closed, test environment. We know that there are still bugs to be found and fixed and we are looking forward to having our alpha testers help us do this during this next critical phase on our journey to launch in the new year.”

Whilst our alpha test programme is closed, anyone wishing to take part in our beta testing stage can register for our VIP Early Access Programme.