honcho news - 15th April 2019

honcho news - 15th April 2019

Welcome to the latest update from honcho, as we continue our progress towards launching the UK’s first reverse auction marketplace for financial services.

It is fair to say that the levels of activity at honcho HQ over the past month or so have reached an all-time high, with every part of the honcho team, and our partners, working flat out to get things ready for launch.

When we started talking about honcho to those within the insurance industry, everyone warned us how technically difficult – and time consuming – it was going to be to connect everything together in a way that has never been done before, and to deliver this brand-new way of working to disrupt this market.

And they weren’t wrong!

Over recent weeks we’ve been working with over 20 different organisations to integrate them into the honcho world, from insurers, brokers and MGAs to software houses and many other digital service providers. We are now well into integration testing with our market participants and are working to give them ample time to complete their own testing on the honcho platform.

To do so, and make sure we launch with the best possible version of honcho we can for the benefit of both our customers and also our market participants, we’ve taken the decision to push our launch date back to May 21st. This allows us time to make some final perfecting tweaks and to allow lots of testing across the full honcho service from market participants and end users.

This decision brings with it quite a bit of upside. As we’ve said previously, we’ve been delighted by the number of insurers and brokers who have approached us directly asking to join honcho. This extra time is allowing us to add more market participants onto honcho in time for launch, helping to make sure that we have as many insurers and brokers as we can lined up ready to serve our customers.

Beta testing with external users will be soon underway. If you want to be involved in trying honcho before launch, please get in touch via this page: https://www.gethoncho.com/honcho-vip.php

The insurance revolution is almost here!